The general topic of this conference is algebraic and transcendental aspects of special functions and special numbers arising in combinatorics, number theory, statistical mechanics and probability theory.

The meeting is organized by Alin Bostan and Kilian Raschel and it is funded by the ERC grant "Elliptic Combinatorics" and by Inria.

Many thanks to the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Transylvania University in Brașov for the support provided in the organization of this event.

Invited speakers

Jason Bell (Waterloo, Canada)
Frits Beukers (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Kathrin Bringmann (Cologne, Germany)
Vasile Brînzănescu (Bucharest, Romania)
Xavier Caruso (Bordeaux, France)
* David V. Chudnovsky (New York, USA)
* Gregory V. Chudnovsky (New York, USA)
Frédéric Chyzak (Paris, France)
Mihai Ciucu (Bloomington, USA)
Charlotte Hardouin (Toulouse, France)
Herwig Hauser (Vienna, Austria)
Mark van Hoeij (Tallahassee, USA)
Christoph Koutschan (Linz, Austria)
Christian Krattenthaler (Vienna, Austria)
Florian Luca (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Mircea Merca (Craiova, Romania)
Preda Mihăilescu (Goettingen, Germany)
Alexandru Popa (Bucharest, Romania)
Dorin Popescu (Bucharest, Romania)
Tanguy Rivoal (Grenoble, France)
Michael F. Singer (Raleigh, USA)
Andrea Sportiello (Paris, France)
Adrian Tanasa (Bordeaux, France)
Masha Vlasenko (Warsaw, Poland)
Alexandru Zaharescu (Urbana, USA)
* = Web Conference